Griffin Marketing Analytics employs the world’s best research & analytics to elevate your business to the next level.

Griffin Marketing Analytics leverages the power of predictive analytics to help companies make the best decisions today based on what is most likely to happen in the future.  Utilizing data that companies already have, such as customer transactions, along with primary research and relevant outside data sources, Griffin Marketing Analytics helps our clients make data-driven decisions that lead to increased sales and profitability.


Media Audience Anayltics

Customized media audience measurement and analytics for the electronic media industry, include advertising sales initiatives, program content evaluation, & media property perceptual and marketing support.


Deliver significant improvements in profitability by identifying key differences among your current customers as well as finding new customers with similar characteristics.

Marketing Analytics

Optimize marketing activities to deliver significant improvements in return on marketing investment, including brand awareness, attitude, and optimal brand positioning.


Optimize the profitability of your product portfolio through data powered product configuration, pricing, positioning & identification of new product opportunities.


Griffin Marketing Analytics provides customized media audience measurement and analytics for the electronic media industry.  Application areas for media audience analytics include advertising sales initiatives, program content evaluation, and media property perceptual and marketing support.


The Griffin Reports - Supercharge Your Advertising Sales


The Griffin Reports custom research and analytics studies provide the media and their advertising partners with relevant and actionable local market media audience and consumer purchasing and lifestyle & behavior information to help advertisers place their messages where they can optimize reach and impact.  The Griffin Reports are used by cable television systems, broadcast television stations and radio stations in markets of all sizes across the country.  


Program Content Evaluation


Griffin Marketing Analytics provides in depth research and analytics to identify audience engagement with and interest in programs, including live locally produced content such as local broadcast television news, syndicated programs, and broadcast and cable network programming.  Media clients use Griffin Marketing Analytics’ program content evaluation to develop content strategy for local news, evaluate on-air talent, and to support programming decisions.


Media Perceptions


Griffin Marketing Analytics media perceptions and marketing analytics services include identifying how consumers relate to various media properties and the factors that drive their decisions on which media they trust, which they choose to engage with, and their preferences for method of engagement.  From this rich understanding of consumer preferences and perceptions, we help our media clients develop a marketing strategy to position their media properties with their desired audiences using the marketing channels best suited for the task.


Marketing Analytics optimizes marketing activities to deliver significant improvements in return on marketing investment.   Griffin Marketing Analytics can help you identify the awareness of your brand, the attitudes customers have toward your brand and your competitors, and to determine the messaging that will position your brand for success.


Brand Awareness & Attitudes


A critical component of effective marketing efforts is having an understanding of the level of awareness of and attitudes toward your own brand and those of your competitors.  This information is useful in assessing the effectiveness of prior marketing activities and sets a baseline for measuring the effectiveness of future marketing activities.


Brand Preference & Choice


Identify consumers’ brand preferences and how these preferences impact the choices consumers make on where they will shop and what they will purchase.


Market Size & Structure


Identify the size of the market as well as areas within the market that have many competitors or few competitors.


Market Segmentation


Determine the characteristics and sizes of the various segments of the market to understand which segments should be targeted for a particular brand or product and to inform the messaging directed to each segment. 


Message Development & Testing


Determine the aspects of your brand, product, or service that matter most to your target market to develop messaging that will be the most relevant to your customers’ needs.  Candidate messages can be tested to further refine the messaging to maximize return on your advertising investment.


Customer Analytics can deliver significant improvements in profitability by identifying differences among your customers’ satisfaction, preferences, purchase patterns, likelihood to respond to an offer, loyalty, and risk of defection. Customer Analytics can also help with finding new customers that are similar to the best customers you already have.  


Customer Satisfaction


Identify the current level of customer satisfaction and discover the key drivers that influence customer satisfaction.


Customer Segmentation


Discover the similarities and differences among your customers, allowing for differentiated messaging to each group.


Customer Retention


Identify customers that are likely to be at risk for churning and the factors that will lead them to stay or leave.


Customer Targeting


Identify which customers are likely to respond to an offer, and which offer they are most likely to be interested in.


Customer Acquisition


Identify the characteristics of your best customers and identify potential new customers that have those same characteristics.


Product Analytics optimizes the profitability of your product portfolio by optimizing product configuration, pricing, positioning and the ability to upsell and cross-sell additional products to existing customers.


New Product Development


Increase the likelihood of successfully introducing a new product to the market by determining the specific product characteristics and pricing that will appeal to your customers over the offerings of your competitors.




Identify the optimal pricing for your product to maximize profitability by optimizing the effects of price on sales volume and product costs.




Determine how products are currently positioned in the market based on attributes that matter to your customers, and identify opportunities to position your products to be closest to the customers’ ideal products for your product segment.




Identify the products and services that a customer will be most likely to want or need in addition to the product or service that they are currently using or considering.  This allows for efficient upsell and cross-selling opportunities with items that are most likely to be relevant and appreciated by your customer.