Griffin Marketing Analytics has deep roots in market research combined with the latest in cutting edge analytics.


Doing business in the 21st Century requires a balance of the wisdom gained through years of experience combined with an agility to embrace the latest technologies. Griffin Marketing Analytics brings decades of experience helping businesses grow through market research & analysis and blends that together with the very latest in data science & analytics to deliver impactful, actionable results that can help your business thrive. 


Bennett Griffin, Sr.

Bennett Griffin, Sr. has over 25 years of experience in consumer and media research.  Known as Benny in the industry, he began his career at Hallmark Cards, Inc. and he has significant experience in consumer research in the areas of retail, food, financial, healthcare and other business sectors.

Benny has lead several organizations focusing on bringing new sales research approaches to the electronic media industry.  He developed the Griffin Reports custom sales research studies which have been used extensively by broadcast television, cable television and radio sales organizations throughout the United States.

Benny brings a wealth of experience, insight, and creativity in helping organizations make better decisions through the use and understanding of data.  His primary focus is the creative application of research and data techniques to solve real world problems.

He has published articles in a number of media-related publications and has been a speaker at industry events for many years.

  • MBA, The University of Oklahoma
  • BBA, The University of Oklahoma

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is responsible for the research and analytics processes and has over 20 years of experience applying marketing research and analytics to help businesses make important strategic decisions based on sound data and analysis. 

Brian is heavily involved in the rapidly growing field of predictive analytics and is influential in developing tools to leverage multiple, disperate data points into meaningful, actionable information.

Brian’s experience includes traditional marketing research, statistical modeling, and applied machine learning.  He believes strongly in utilizing data visualization techniques to help stakeholders understand their data and the results of the analytics.  Current research interests include the application of deep learning techniques to real life marketing challenges.

  • MS, Northwestern University
  • BA, University of Kansas