Marketing Analytics optimizes marketing activities to deliver significant improvements in return on marketing investment.   Griffin Marketing Analytics can help you identify the awareness of your brand, the attitudes customers have toward your brand and your competitors, and to determine the messaging that will position your brand for success.


Brand Awareness & Attitudes


A critical component of effective marketing efforts is having an understanding of the level of awareness of and attitudes toward your own brand and those of your competitors.  This information is useful in assessing the effectiveness of prior marketing activities and sets a baseline for measuring the effectiveness of future marketing activities.


Brand Preference & Choice


Identify consumers’ brand preferences and how these preferences impact the choices consumers make on where they will shop and what they will purchase.


Market Size & Structure


Identify the size of the market as well as areas within the market that have many competitors or few competitors.


Market Segmentation


Determine the characteristics and sizes of the various segments of the market to understand which segments should be targeted for a particular brand or product and to inform the messaging directed to each segment. 


Message Development & Testing


Determine the aspects of your brand, product, or service that matter most to your target market to develop messaging that will be the most relevant to your customers’ needs.  Candidate messages can be tested to further refine the messaging to maximize return on your advertising investment.