Griffin Marketing Analytics provides customized media audience measurement and analytics for the electronic media industry.  Application areas for media audience analytics include advertising sales initiatives, program content evaluation, and media property perceptual and marketing support.


The Griffin Reports - Supercharge Your Advertising Sales


The Griffin Reports custom research and analytics studies provide the media and their advertising partners with relevant and actionable local market media audience and consumer purchasing and lifestyle & behavior information to help advertisers place their messages where they can optimize reach and impact.  The Griffin Reports are used by cable television systems, broadcast television stations and radio stations in markets of all sizes across the country.  


Program Content Evaluation


Griffin Marketing Analytics provides in depth research and analytics to identify audience engagement with and interest in programs, including live locally produced content such as local broadcast television news, syndicated programs, and broadcast and cable network programming.  Media clients use Griffin Marketing Analytics’ program content evaluation to develop content strategy for local news, evaluate on-air talent, and to support programming decisions.


Media Perceptions


Griffin Marketing Analytics media perceptions and marketing analytics services include identifying how consumers relate to various media properties and the factors that drive their decisions on which media they trust, which they choose to engage with, and their preferences for method of engagement.  From this rich understanding of consumer preferences and perceptions, we help our media clients develop a marketing strategy to position their media properties with their desired audiences using the marketing channels best suited for the task.