Product Analytics optimizes the profitability of your product portfolio by optimizing product configuration, pricing, positioning and the ability to upsell and cross-sell additional products to existing customers.


New Product Development


Increase the likelihood of successfully introducing a new product to the market by determining the specific product characteristics and pricing that will appeal to your customers over the offerings of your competitors.




Identify the optimal pricing for your product to maximize profitability by optimizing the effects of price on sales volume and product costs.




Determine how products are currently positioned in the market based on attributes that matter to your customers, and identify opportunities to position your products to be closest to the customers’ ideal products for your product segment.




Identify the products and services that a customer will be most likely to want or need in addition to the product or service that they are currently using or considering.  This allows for efficient upsell and cross-selling opportunities with items that are most likely to be relevant and appreciated by your customer.